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Eco-Friendly Hotel In Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel is committed to reducing our impact on the environment wherever possible without compromising on guest comfort.

Chemical Free Cleaning with Enjo
At Queenstown Park Hotel we use the ‘Enjo’ product range for all our cleaning, which allows us to reduce chemical use by up to 90% on site. We are proud to restrict chemicals entering our local sewage system.

This cleaning initiative provides a safer and cleaner environment for our guests and also reduces water consumption.

ENJO has ISO and HACCP accreditation & has been accepted onto the Sensitive Choice Programme by the Asthma & Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand for asthma & allergy sufferers.

We are committed to recycling, including cardboard, plastic/ glass bottles, tin cans and paper.

Buy in Bulk
Wherever possible we buy in bulk, for items such as hand soap in the bathrooms. By using pump bottles to dispense the soap we reduce the need for individually wrapped soaps.

Animal Friendly Amenities
Our bathroom amenities are not tested on animals and are New Zealand made.

Getting Guests Involved
As part of our guest services, we request that guests clearly indicate which items they require laundered each day, with the common aim of providing the highest level of service, without creating unnecessary water usage, handling and transport costs.

Consciousness in Design
The hotel has double glazing throughout. A larger amount of heat is retained within the building, reducing the consumption of electricity to heat the hotel.

Break it Down Before it Goes Down
“Grease traps” allow grease and other fatty products that may have been poured down the sink to be broken down via a bacterial process before entering our drains.

Automated Control System for Air Conditioning and Lighting
Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning and Control System

This system allows us to monitor the property via a web management system for easy adjustments remotely, so we can pay careful attention to energy consumption levels and maintain a comfortable environment for our guests.

In addition each room has a manual touch-pad, to allow guests to adjust room air conditioning to their own requirements and to assist in reducing energy consumption.

C-bus Lighting and Home Automation System
With sensors throughout the public areas, lighting levels in the hotel adjust automatically to outside light levels and also respond to the movement of guests.

This lighting system allows us to reduce energy consumption while providing for the safety and freedom of guests moving throughout the property.

Buy Biodegradable
We are pleased to have sourced biodegradable plastic bags for rubbish collection in our rooms.

Buy New Zealand Made and Locally Made Products
Wherever possible and when practical, we source products not only produced in New Zealand but especially from the Otago region. By sourcing locally we aim to reduce transport costs, while supplying high quality products that supports local business.

This philosophy has been major focus for guest enjoyment of our gourmet breakfasts and canapés, which are made by our on site chef.

We also support local designers by featuring merchandise designed and made in New Zealand.

Worm Farm
The introduction of a worm farm was a simple way of turning vegetable and fruit waste into a great potting soil for our vegetable garden.

Vegetable and Herb Garden
A vegetable and herb garden has been created to utilize the compost created by our worm farm and to provide wonderful fresh ingredients for our chef.

Future Initiatives
We are continually working on ways to protect our environment.