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McNeill’s Historical Cottage Is Home For Dux de Lux Queenstown

Feb 1, 2012

James McNeill was a Scotsman who came to Queenstown about 1882 where he was employed to build the Ballarat Street Bridge.  Married in 1885 he built a cottage for his family on Church Street.  Built to last, the original cottage was extended and refurbished in the 1980s ready for a new life as the new home to Dux de Lux.  Coming into it’s sixth year, Queenstown Dux de Lux specialises in beer.

Dux de Lux - Queenstown

Dux de Lux: from the latin meaning – Masters of the Finest.


Why not have a tasting tray delivered to your table?

  Dux Lager 4.0% a.b.vThis classic golden lager combines citrus hop characters with a full body malt style enhanced by the refreshing clean crisp finish.Gold Medal Winner & best small brewery Lager, Australian International Beer Awards 1998. Gold Medal winner and Best New Zealand Lager at New Zealand Beer Awards 2006.
  Alpine Ale 4.0% a.b.vA full malt amber ale displays sweet malty, nutty characters with smooth biscuit flavours matched with mild hop tones.New Zealand International Beer Awards 2005 and 2006 Champion Draught Beer.
  Wakatipu Wheat 5.4% a.b.vA Kristal Golden Wheat Ale displays an enriched malt profile matched with the addition of the Noble Goldings Hop to enforce a fresh herbaceous character.New Zealand International Beer Awards 2005, Champion Wheat Beer. Bronze Medal awarded at New Zealand Beer Awards 2006.
  Hereford Bitter 4.0% a.b.vDark Munich lager, full malt strength, teamed with minimum hop bitterness, infused with subtle aromatic dry hop character. Gold Medal Winner, Australian International Beer Awards 1999. Bronze Medal awarded at New Zealand Beer Awards 2006 in English Style Mild Ale Class.
  Ginger Tom 4.0% a.b.vOld fashioned style ginger beer, light golden malt colour with plump fruit and spicy bouquet, encapsulated with natural fresh flavours of honey, malt and lemon, characterised by a crisp refreshing dry ginger finish. Gold Medal Winner, New Zealand International Beer Awards 1999.
  Nor’Wester Ale 6.5% a.b.vOur traditional strong ale. Ripe fruit esters enriched by a smooth English malt complexity, laden with pacific origin hops and crafted for a true balance of flavour. Gold Medal Winner Australian International Beer Awards 1998, overall best beer in show Australian International Beer Awards 2003. Bronze Medal winner in English Style Mild Ale Class at New Zealand Beer Awards 2006.
  Black Shag Stout 5.5% a.b.vRich full bodied dark stout. Essentially nutty, toasty bouquet laced by a creamy, velvet texture on the palate with a nicely trim hop dried finish. This has been reviewed as being better than Guiness! Click here for the review. Judged Gold Medal and Grand Champion Stout of the entire Australian International Beer Awards 1999.

To see what is happening at the Queenstown Dux de Lux browse:  http://www.thedux.co.nz/queenstown/mon___fri___dux_qtown

If you require directions to this venue please speak to one of our front line staff at Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel.

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