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Donna Fallon Experiences Skippers Canyon

Skippers Canyon Jetboat is located in skippers canyon 22 kilometers from Queenstown New Zealand, access is by the famous Skippers Canyon road, a gravel road carved by hand by miners over 140 years ago.
The Gold Rush was born in this region in 1862 when two Maori Shepherd’s stumbled upon these riches when their sheep dog was washed downstream, upon finding the dog the Shepherd’s noticed gold on the ground were the dog was standing. That day the two picked up 25 pounds of the precious metal.

Donna enjoying the Skippers Jetboat thrill ride!

Their state of the art custom built Jet boats are designed for one purpose; to excite and thrill as you race through the Shotover River Canyons at speed of 80km/hr. Sit back, hold on, and try to relax as our experienced boat drivers navigate the sheer canyon walls along the Shotover River!
The Skippers Canyong Pure Gold is a premium trip and is the best way to see it all, a small group 4WD tour of Skippers Canyon, gold claim tour and refreshments with 5th generation locals, as well as the thrills of 30 minutes Jet boating on the Shotover river through Skipper Canyon.
After the rush of a jet boat ride you can collect yourself over a refreshing cup of tea or coffee with our 5th generation local residents Winky & Jerry Hohneck, and an opportunity to be shown around the Sainsbury gold claim and a chance to try gold panning for yourself.

One of Skippers Canyon Jetboats in action!

For more information on Skippers Canyon please liaise with one of our front line staff or email hotel@queenstownpark.co.nz

John Etheridge Skydives With Nzone

The Manager of Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel, John Etheridge took up the challenge and skydived with Nzone.

John Etheridge puts on a brave face

It takes courage and a certain kind of person to jump from an aircraft.
John was harnessed to an experienced qualified Jumpmaster, stepped out the aircraft door and for some 60 seconds was plummeting towards the ground at 200kph, terminal velocity.

John and his Jumpmaster enjoying the 60 second freefall

Queenstown is the premium place to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane

The Jumpmaster deploys the reinforced tandem canopy controlling the entire skydive.  The parachute ride down to the Nzone dropzone takes approximately 5 minutes.
The Nzone dropzone is located at the base of the famous Remarkables mountain range.  The views are spectacular.
Experience this leap of faith by booking your skydive now!
Please liaise with one of the front line staff at the Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel or email us on hotel@queenstownpark.co.nz before your arrival and we will gladly book this adventure on your behalf.

American Express Queenstown Winter Festival 2012

The American Express Queenstown Winter Festival will take centre stage in Queenstown, New Zealand, from 22 June to 1 July 2012.

Winter Festival Fire Works will start at 7pm

This year’s Opening Party theme is ‘Best of the Basin’ – showcasing local singers and entertainers alongside Queenstown’s favourite band The Master Blasters. Be sure to wrap up warm and grab some tucker from our al-fresco food stalls then stand back and enjoy the show.

The iconic Queenstown event, now into its 38th year, officially kicks off winter in the stunning four-season resort with a 10-day action-packed programme of new events, established favourites and plenty of entertainment and celebration.

For a full itinerary of events please browse: https://www.winterfestival.co.nz/programme/


Skyline Gondola, Restaurant & Luge in Queenstown

One of the first sights to captivate visitors to Queenstown is the distinctive outline of the Skyline complex high above town.

Views from the Skyline

The Skyline Queenstown is an easy 5 minute walk from the Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel and exclusively accessed by scenic  Gondola.  Skyline Queenstown is a ‘must-see’ attraction during your visit to Queenstown, New Zealand.
Reputed to be the steepest lift in the Southern Hemisphere, the gondola carries visitors high above Queenstown to the Skyline complex located on Bob’s Peak.
The best vistas in the region are found here, spread out in a spectacular 220 degree panorama.
Numerous observation decks around the complex offer breathtaking views of Coronet Peak & The Remarkables, over Queenstown and across Lake Wakatipu to Cecil and Walter Peaks. Truly magnificent and awe-inspiring.

Gondola Quick Stats

  • Bottom Terminal Elevation: 340m
  • Top Terminal: 790m
  • Vertical Rise: 450m
  • Total Length: 730m
  • Incline Angle: average of 37.1 degrees
  • Average Speed: Variable to 4m/sec
  • Capacity: 1000 people/hour in thirty five 4 person cabins
  • Operating Hours: Open daily from 9.00am until late

The Restaurant offers a sumptuous taste of New Zealand buffet and spectacular views of Queenstown!

By night you can enjoy dinner at Queenstown’s most spectacular location.
The Skyline Restaurant serves up a mouthwatering Taste of New Zealand buffet of legendary proportions every night of the year.
Feast on South Island salmon, seafoods, salads, roast meats and delicious desserts – and feast your eyes on the most spectacular scenery in the country. Tiered seating guarantees stunning views from every table!

The Luge offers adventure & fun for all ages and abilities!

The scenery’s a blur! 
Hurtle down a winding downhill track through the trees.

Skyline Luge

Race through the bends, or pull in for a breather and enjoy the panorama.
Burn it up on the advanced track or cruise sedately down the scenic track.
Then hop on the chairlift and do it all again.
Skyline Luge – it’s 800 metres of fast-paced freedom.
Once is never enough!

While you are up on the Skyline deck take some time to visit G Force paraglding or the Ziptrek tree house.
There is lots to do and see from the Skyline mountain top.
To book a table at the restaurant or a paraglide or Ziptrek please liaise with one of our front line staff or email hotel@queenstownpark.co.nz

Paragliding Over Queenstown

The only company permitted to paraglide over Queenstown is G Force Paragliding.  Launching from the Skyline Gondola.  Many of our guests get to soar over spectacular Queenstown and stunning Lake Wakatipu and land next to the park next to the hotel.

Guest landing in front of Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel

G Force also offer take offs from Coronet Peak and fly over the rural beauty of the Wakatipu Basin.

Their friendly team of professional pilots will give you the experience of a lifetime with a G Force Tandem Paraglide! G Force Paragliding is one of the largest and most established tandem operators in the world, and the longest standing in Queenstown.

For more information please liaise with one of our front line staff or email hotel@queenstownpark.co.nz